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draughtsman / рисовальщик, чертежник, автор проекта
имя существительное
draftsman, drawer, designer, draughtsman
draftsman, drawer, designer, draughtsman
автор проекта
draftsman, draughtsman
имя существительное
a person, especially a man, who makes detailed technical plans or drawings.
An extremely limited circle of people was involved in planning the operation (dispensing with draftsmen , typists and other technical personnel).
a person who drafts legal documents.
This is too complex a matter to be left in the clandestine care of legal draftsmen .
The rapidograph quickly caught on among draftsmen and designers, who elevated the technical pen to an industry standard.
Some works have the rigidity of architectural elevations, indicating the training as draftsmen , mapmakers, and surveyors that some Indian artists received from the British military.
Soon Walt opened an on-site drawing school at his Hollywood studio to train novice animators in the art of draftsmanship and motion studies.
His compositions reveal the hand of a skilled draftsman .
Even if the documents had been with the costs draftsman the Respondent could have gained access to them or could have obtained a copy.
If they had wanted legal advice, then they should have appointed a legal assessor, not a draftsman and made that clear to the parties.
The documentary advertisements that the draftsman of the Act had in mind would have had some quality of permanence.
There is, indeed, modest little ‘art’ to write about in most of these prints, for the artists who drew them were by and large journeymen draftsmen executing assignments for publishers.
On an ethical issue we depend far more on professional integrity than on text cobbled together by the parliamentary draftsman .
An ex-paratrooper and draftsman , he found his niche finally as a technician in the X-ray laboratory of the Canadian Museum of Nature.