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draught / проект, черновик, осадка
имя существительное
project, draft, projection, design, plan, blueprint
draft, rough copy, foul copy, draught
draft, upset, settlement, setting, sag, sinking
имя прилагательное
draft, draught
draft, draught
call, call on, invoke, summon, draft, call up
emit, distinguish, give out, secrete, set off, draft
делать чертеж
draft, draught
имя существительное
a preliminary version of a piece of writing.
the first draft of the party's manifesto
compulsory recruitment for military service.
25 million men were subject to the draft
a current of cool air in a room or other confined space.
heavy curtains at the windows cut out drafts
the action or act of pulling something along, especially a vehicle or farm implement.
He feels dragged to the street, pulled by the draft of the others.
a written order to pay a specified sum; a check.
How could Dunlop walk into the AIB with cheques or drafts made out for large sums of money to a company of which he was not a director or shareholder or officer, and walk out again having converted them to cash?
prepare a preliminary version of (a text).
I drafted a letter of resignation
select (a person or group of people) for a certain purpose.
he was drafted to help with the task force on best safety practices
pull or draw.
benefit from reduced wind resistance by driving very closely behind another vehicle.
I was most impressed by the discussion of whether the rider in front ALSO benefits from another rider drafting behind them.
имя прилагательное
denoting beer or other drink that is kept in and served from a barrel or tank rather than from a bottle or can.
draft beer
denoting an animal used for pulling heavy loads.
draft oxen
‘Actually I would have preferred gold for a change,’ Matt said, downing a good draught of his beer, wearing a smile once more when he talked to his friend.
‘Another groom, another failure,’ said Mr. Miller, taking a deep draught of beer.
Or, even better, if you're lounging in your personal plunge pool on the deck outside your room quite often a long grey trunk will siphon out a considerable draught as the elephants take a drink.
Then, taking a deep breath, she tipped it back, swallowing the contents in one draught .
I raised the canteen again and this time took a deep draught .
A concentration of ‘Class B’ cigarettes of that magnitude would have surely transformed me in that first deep draught of their gamma ray smoke.
Drinking a gallon-bottle-full, at a draught , is said to be no uncommon feat: a mere boyish trick, which will not bear to be bragged of.
Time to pull myself together, swig a good deep draught of Andrew's Liver Salts, and get cracking.
He took a long draught of his beer, wiping foam from his mouth, as he absently eavesdropped on other people's conversations.
Donal made a show of taking a long draught of his drink.