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drat / Провались ты!, Пропади ты пропадом!
Провались ты!
Drat!, Rat!
Пропади ты пропадом!
Drat!, Rat!
a mild expression of anger or annoyance.
“Drat!” said Mitchell, kicking the fence
I was thinking I'd be farther along in my nefarious plans before I got a super hero… drat it.
Drat and double drat - no AA batteries in the house.
Oh drat … did I make a mistake with the growing spell?
She'd been obsessed with him, ever since, ever since… Oh I don't know, drat !
We were going to head up the riverfront boulevard, but drat the luck: the driver noted that the tunnel beneath the bridge was three inches too short, and any attempt to go through the passageway would decapitate the people on the upper desk.
Mind you, I'll be moving next month, so I'll be out of the neighbourhood - drat .
On preview: most of these have been mentioned already - drat having to work in the middle of posting!
My life, drat the luck, is nothing but incremental improvements - and all these little modifications are so twitchy and unstable I have to buy service contracts for the day when they blow up.
‘Oh, drat ,’ I muttered, doing my Victor Meldrew impression.
I scan 24 and get out the credit card - but the site is unable to accept orders at the moment, drat the luck.