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drapery / драпировки, магазин тканей, драпировка
имя существительное
drapery, hangings
магазин тканей
drapery, drape
имя существительное
cloth coverings hanging in loose folds.
the hall of the school was hung with green drapery
The rhetorical quality of gesture and patterns of drapery are influenced by ancient sculpture.
The highly unusual drapery of the bronze statue in Milan is, we believe, fashioned in direct reference to this legend, tying the statue to this originary image.
The strings of the harp held by the furthest angel on the left were picked out in gold against the dark blue drapery of his sleeve, as were the bells on his companion's tambourine.
This approach to drapery was at odds with the spectrum of mainstream contemporary sculpture as practiced by both its most and least innovative exponents.
The artist also parallels the columnar folds of Peace's drapery and the regular fluting of the columns behind her.
The drapery is one of the best understood among the modern works, but much inferior to the aforementioned antiques.
A view from her right, though hard to obtain, would reveal how the flowing drapery had reinforced her pointing gesture, which originally directed the viewer's attention toward the altar.
But raising the right arm instead of the left or veiling a nude figure with drapery were not the only ways of taking possession of another's image or object.
the effigy is notable for its flowing drapery
The lower part of her mantle cascades in regular folds, but the hem represents a noticeable display of wind blown drapery .