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drape / драпировка, портьера, обойный материал
имя существительное
drapery, drape
drape, portiere
обойный материал
украшать тканями
украшать занавесами
ниспадать красивыми складками
hang, weigh, suspend, drape, swing, string
имя существительное
long curtains.
Katherine pulled back the heavy velvet drapes
the way in which a garment or fabric hangs.
by fixing the band lower down you obtain a fuller drape in the fabric
arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something.
she draped a shawl around her shoulders
Rather than try and dress it up in a drape jacket, she cannot put enough emphasis on how the genre has expanded its parameters since she first trod the boards of the church halls and less salubrious venues.
I indicated the one in the pink drape coat and western string tie standing in the shadows, almost in the wings.
The heavy drape of it hides all from his steady eye as I turn before him.
In between phone calls she would drape herself over the chap (who really didn't seem interested) and cackle uncontrollably whenever he made a sound.
Meanwhile Roy will be wearing a cream drape suit and creepers with leopard skin fronts.
He has everything right - the stagger of the man walking, the drape of the man sitting, the accusatory point of the man's finger.
Or perhaps it is just the drape of fabric which makes the fashion statement.
A great suit is the result of a flattering cut, good tailoring, and fabric that is distinctive, comfortable, and has a good drape .
She jumped as she felt an arm drape itself around her shoulders.
But I made it outside, feeling good about myself when I felt an arm drape itself across my shoulder.