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dramaturgy / драматургия
имя существительное
dramaturgy, drama, playwrighting
имя существительное
the theory and practice of dramatic composition.
studies of Shakespeare's dramaturgy
studies of Shakespeare's dramaturgy
studies of Shakespeare's dramaturgy
Shakespeare studies call for a thorough knowledge of a wide spectrum of pre-Shakespearean, Elizabethan and Jacobean drama, the Elizabethan stage and dramaturgy .
Another important theatrical tradition is that of Japanese mask-making in relation to Noh dramaturgy , the ceremonial art of the Samurai warriors of the early sixteenth century.
You were able to transport into these films this dramaturgy of light that is in your puppet films, where light works almost as a character.
The three first films were very narrative, so I was using whatever tool was the most relevant to deal with that situation or specific dramaturgy of the film.
It is true, of course, that Shakespeare's dramaturgy allows him soliloquies and asides that make it easier to dramatize thought, but Hamlet's thoughts are still necessarily externalized.
This kind of Internet dramaturgy is intensified to the point where sensationalism becomes the predominant theme, the mode operatis, for all the actors and actresses who hide behind the masks of their virtual identities.
What future role do authors project for Irish dramaturgy in mediating change in an increasingly transnational and European Ireland?
If we restore the didactic dimension to Shakespeare's dramaturgy and consider the demands made upon the audience's belief and disbelief, we can see even these heroic figures as exemplars of the human struggle for salvation.