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dramatize / драматизировать, инсценировать, сгущать краски
stage, dramatize, theatricalize
сгущать краски
dramatize, overpaint, over-color
adapt (a novel) or present (a particular incident) as a play or movie.
the famous play that dramatized the Scopes trial
she had a tendency to dramatize things
I don't want to dramatize my tales of tear gas and fear and outrage.
But I also think that there have been, you know, regular visits to Judy, for example, to dramatize her case.
They may not follow the actual occurrences but often dramatize the events in a popularized manner.
In the opening portion of the dance, Tuson and Olson dramatize a legend in which the wind is freed from its confinement by a bear.
When I teach writing, I say it and say it again: To write a great book, you don't have to sail the seven seas, commit great crimes, dramatize , or even invent.
You never dramatize events; instead you allow beauty and ugliness to be exposed through their narrative contrast.
So I think the concern is always that it will dramatize the case and influence the jury in a way that can have, you know, an influence in the trial, obviously.
Teng said she understood the media has to dramatize stories in order to increase viewership or sell papers.
they have a tendency to dramatize things