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dramatist / драматург
имя существительное
playwright, dramatist, playwriter, dramaturge, dramaturgist
имя существительное
a person who writes plays.
First staged in 1968, the play has often been compared to the surreal and absurd works of world-renowned dramatists Harold Pinter and Eugéne Ionesco.
The comic dramatist Aristophanes wrote an unpleasant play, The Clouds, about him, and he was attacked after his death.
It's a play written by a native dramatist and starring two native actors, but it's not a native drama.
Among those he turned down were the dramatist Gerhart Hauptmann and the German chancellor Hans Luther.
She was coached in elocution by an actor from the Comedie Francaise and the dramatist Crebillon.
Only a natural dramatist could have written a scene as good as that.
Pygmalion was the first of three Shaw adaptations that he was to direct, and the first film on which the great dramatist himself worked as scriptwriter.
The situation instinctively reminds one of the play An Enemy of the People by the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen.
The German dramatist and theoretician Bertolt Brecht was wrong about many things, but not about this sort of problem.
You could even argue that Flaubert's supple perfection as a novelist is matched by Ibsen's rigorous economy as a dramatist .
Shevelove updated the story and replaced the Greek dramatists with Shakespeare and Shaw.