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dramatics / спектакль, драматическое искусство, истерика
имя существительное
performance, play, show, spectacle, theatrical, dramatics
драматическое искусство
dramatics, stage
hysterics, dramatics
имя существительное
the study or practice of acting in and producing plays.
amateur dramatics
theatrically exaggerated or overemotional behavior.
cut out the dramatics
A lot of people in our profession are very disparaging about amateur dramatics , but I think it is absolutely essential.
She was flustered by Mr. Yu's drawn-out dramatics .
In fact, stamp your feet and run out of the room just to heighten the dramatics .
In recent years, it has been used for everything from amateur dramatics to business conferences to the counting of general election votes.
She was involved in charity work and also amateur dramatics in London.
Surprisingly - despite the script's second-rate dramatics the rest of the time - the scene in the film when the affair starts is actually quite good.
Outside work, she has enjoyed amateur dramatics as an actor and director with the Haxby Players, as well as being involved in youth theatre with the Flying Ducks Theatre Group, also at Haxby.
Not to mention the fights, the laughs and the dramatics .
After lying on the floor in a fit of dramatics I realized what I had thought - pinky toe.
With dramatics reminiscent of play-acting, she seized him on the shoulders and kissed him on the mouth.