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dram / драхма, глоток спиртного, чуточка
имя существительное
drachma, drachm, dram
глоток спиртного
snifter, slug, dram, toothful, swig, sniffer
modicum, touch, ounce, dash, smidgen, dram
имя существительное
a small drink of whiskey or other spirits (often used in humorous imitation of Scottish speech).
a wee dram to ward off the winter chill
the basic monetary unit of Armenia, equal to 100 luma.
Armenia's gross domestic product expanded 11.7% year-on-year to 1.16 trillion dram in January-August 2005.
имя существительное
a memory chip that depends upon an applied voltage to keep the stored data.
a wee dram to ward off the winter chill
We had a wee dram of whisky, not much - there was one bottle between 14 of us.
One sheriff admitted handing out 6000 certificates, for which he was either paid a shilling or given a dram of whisky.
But I refuse, because in the same way you might pour yourself a glass of wine or a dram of whisky, at the end of a hard days work I like nothing more than to skin up a joint and get high.
And when their luck isn't so good (think potato famine), they can console themselves with a wee dram of their own invention - whiskey.
It can spot a dodgy dram of whisky, a mucky drop of water or adulterated petrol, in moments.
Blended whisky is - as the name suggests - a blend of different whiskies from different distilleries to make a lighter dram , and this is the warming drink that originally became so popular around the globe.
He started drinking at 14 when his alcoholic, Glaswegian grandmother would wake him for his 4am milk round with a dram of whisky.
Big hands, carefully lighting his pipe. Huge fingers, wrapped around a dram of whisky.
a wee dram to ward off the winter chill