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drake / селезень, муха-поденка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a male duck.
ducks and drakes
(in fishing) a natural or artificial mayfly, especially a subadult or gravid female.
The Thorax Gray Drake Fly is designed to provide buoyancy and balance on the water especially in the smaller hook sizes.
I suppose the densely feathered, black and white head of the drake does slightly resemble a buffalo's head.
a drake mallard
I went downstairs immediately to see if the window was damaged, and saw a drake mallard (anas platyrhynchos) lying motionless on its belly in the sand, two metres outside the facade.
From our picture above, you can tell that this drake is something special.
As the drake loses his bright plumage and acquires the more subdued feathering of the female, the bird appears to become hormonally sexually neutral and, for the remaining duration of the eclipse period, remains as a female.
a drake mallard
green drake hatches
The family pets were dogs, cats, and a Muscovy drake duck named Lucy which lived for nine years.
The drake sported full plumage with chocolate-brown head contrasting with gleaming white breast.
So here is a better picture of a duck, an Eider drake I took earlier this year, on the Ythan estuary.