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drainer / сушилка для посуды, приспособление для сушки
имя существительное
сушилка для посуды
drainer, drainboard, draining board, plate-rack
приспособление для сушки
имя существительное
a device used to drain things, in particular a rack placed on a drainboard to hold washed dishes while they drain.
I now have a very nice unused right hand drainer sink going cheap if anyone's interested.
If you rolled your eyes in sarcasm at the mention of polishing up a sink and drainer - so did I, at the outset.
Steps lead up to the kitchen, which has a range of fitted wooden storage units, an electric oven and hob, and a sink with a single drainer .
This streamlined unit has a polished granite work surface and contains ample storage space, a sink with single drainer , hob and dishwasher.
There is a built-in oven, hob and extractor fan as well as an enamel sink and drainer unit.
From drainer to entertainer, he lifts the lid on the toilet seat of Show Biz!
Rinsing the glass again, I put it back on the drainer .
When it was finally soft enough I poured it into the drainer and shook it around a bit to get rid of any of the excess water, then I went back over to the stove.
The utility room features a slate floor, stainless steel sink unit and single drainer .
There are people who say that the drainers are simply moving the problem from their property to someone else's property.