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drainage / дренаж, канализация, дренирование
имя существительное
drainage, drain, draining, catchment
sewage, sewerage, drainage, canalization, canalisation
drainage, draining
имя существительное
the action or process of draining something.
the pot must have holes in the base for good drainage
These pools can be eliminated by repairs or improvements to the water supply or drainage system.
The drainage consists of a layer of membrane, shaped like egg boxes, laid over the roofing felt, then covered by a foot of soil.
The Steinbach field, through better drainage is drier and was quite adequate to play on in the weekend.
New drainage , lighting and an extra passing place will also be added.
Pressure inside the eye becomes too high, the result of an obstruction to the normal flow and drainage of fluid.
the pot must have holes in the base for good drainage
An improved system has been installed since the course was built and sand is regularly spread over the course to aid drainage .
Only in the west, on the Isle of Purbeck, did some minor southward drainage develop across the monocline.
they set about renewing and repairing drainage and water supplies
It appears that more than three million plumbing and drainage emergencies are anticipated this year.