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drain / дренаж, отток, водосток
имя существительное
drainage, drain, draining, catchment
drain, deflux
drain, gully
drain, dry, drain off, empty, drain dry, dry up
soak, leak, seep, leak out, filter, drain
имя прилагательное
drain, draining
имя существительное
a channel or pipe carrying off surplus liquid, especially rainwater or liquid waste.
The room's toilet pipes and shower drains carry this waste to a holding tank.
a thing that uses up a particular resource.
nuclear power is a serious drain on the public purse
cause the water or other liquid in (something) to run out, leaving it empty, dry, or drier.
we drained the swimming pool
deprive of strength or vitality.
his limbs were drained of all energy
(of a player) hole (a putt).
His chip floats in to about 12 feet for three and he drains his birdie putt.
The report, by a Washington research group, said both groups are victims of malnutrition and a drain on national resources.
Close the water valves and disconnect the water lines just above the valves and the drain piping at the trap.
In fact, they are a drain on its resources, creating a deficit of over Rs.12 lakhs a year, despite the huge income that tours generate for their promoters.
The surgeon places a closed-suction drain tube, which remains in place at least two days postoperatively.
Coulombe treats the infected arm by placing it into a basin of piping hot water to drain the white-yellow pus.
This is expensive, so that neonatal care provides a significant drain on scarce resources.
The curd mat is transferred into a cookerstretcher of his own design, which heats the curd and continues to drain off liquid.
When sewage builds up too quickly it can block the system's outlet pipe and clog the drain , causing a backup.
Reserve ½ cup of the pasta cooking water, and then drain the pasta quickly in a colander.
The report revealed that unless there is a fundamental change in visitor numbers, the Centre will continue to be a drain on the Council purse.