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dragoon / драгун
имя существительное
compel, force, coerce, enforce, oblige, dragoon
посылать карательную экспедицию
имя существительное
a member of any of several cavalry regiments in the British army.
From the calibre of those we recover we can tell whether they were fired by musketeers, cavalry, dragoons or possibly, from the surface damage on them, as ‘case-shot’ from artillery pieces.
coerce (someone) into doing something.
she had been dragooned into helping with the housework
The whips who failed miserably to dragoon the rebels through the ‘No’ lobby on Wednesday wearily admit that a mass revolt by more than a third of backbenchers cannot be passed off as a mere blip.
But Kent was in a dragoon regiment and the half jacket you wear is typical for hussar uniforms.
However, it is almost certain he and other top officials will spend the summer attempting to dragoon local officials and businessmen into slowing development.
Cavalry forces evolved into four categories throughout the ages: the cuirassier or heavy cavalryman, the lancer, the dragoon or mounted infantryman, and the light cavalry.
After sitting through the tedious mutualisation vote, he was dragooned by the bossy PR woman from during the question time session for group managing director.
So Saturday last weekend I was dragooned into being a judge at a local school's speech contest.
He had masterminded the enterprise, dragooning his employees to participate in the crime, he said.
When members of the general public - for lack of a more inclusive term, let's call them ‘voters’ - are dragooned into election politics, with or without their consent, the result is usually as unpredictable as it is unedifying.
We have recently added a troop of dragoons to the regiment.
Yes, and dragooning young people into the rebel army, but that was a matter which had been argued before the Tribunal.