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draftsman / рисовальщик, чертежник, автор проекта
имя существительное
draftsman, drawer, designer, draughtsman
draftsman, drawer, designer, draughtsman
автор проекта
draftsman, draughtsman
имя существительное
a person, especially a man, who makes detailed technical plans or drawings.
An extremely limited circle of people was involved in planning the operation (dispensing with draftsmen , typists and other technical personnel).
a person who drafts legal documents.
This is too complex a matter to be left in the clandestine care of legal draftsmen .
He was a natural draftsman and graphic artist.
An ex-paratrooper and draftsman , he found his niche finally as a technician in the X-ray laboratory of the Canadian Museum of Nature.
Also among the first band of swimmers was a legal costs draftsman .
If your Honours look at the terminology, your Honours might have a view as to what the draftsman was concerned to guard against in coming to draft section 476.
He is not a prolific painter or a facile draftsman , but he has proved a most dutiful artist.
This argument is based on the proposition that where a draftsman of a document has expressed himself differently in two places, there is a presumption that he did so because he intended two different effects.
For some years he had worked in the advertising field as a mechanical draftsman , and he had learned, among other techniques, the use of the airbrush.
Last night, a Government spokesperson insisted the bill was put together by the parliamentary draftsman 's office and the Attorney General.
He has worked as a painter, draftsman , photographer, muralist, sculptor and performance artist.
Sometimes I questioned my worth as a draftsman , an illustrator, a storyteller, an artist - a person.