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drabs / однообразие, серость, проститутка
имя существительное
monotony, sameness, drab, drab existence, jogtrot, dead-level
greyness, drab
prostitute, hooker, whore, harlot, streetwalker, drab
заниматься проституцией
prostitute, hustle, drab
имя существительное
fabric of a dull brownish color.
a slovenly woman.
a prostitute.
The contrast between the plain exterior and the immensely rich interior is like a sharp blow: perhaps an intended device to remind us of the drabness of the outer life and the vibrant richness of the inner life?
Moreover, ways must be found to create communal urban space capable of mitigating the drabness and dreariness of most public housing developments.
I got the underpainting done today, experiencing the old feeling that a nice fresh drawing was being submerged in a more or less monotone drabness .
The secret: excellent raw materials and handicraft skills that have somehow survived decades of war and years of egalitarian drabness .
From the first strains of funky double bass, they manage to transport the cold and harassed shoppers around them from the local drabness to a world where the sun shines and the living is easy.