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drab / однообразие, серость, проститутка
имя существительное
monotony, sameness, drab, drab existence, jogtrot, dead-level
greyness, drab
prostitute, hooker, whore, harlot, streetwalker, drab
имя прилагательное
monotonous, uniform, same, drab, flat, monotone
colorless, insipid, white, achromatic, drab, without color
boring, dull, tedious, blah, uninspired, drab
заниматься проституцией
prostitute, hustle, drab
имя прилагательное
lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull.
the landscape was drab and gray
of a dull light brown color.
drab camouflage uniforms
имя существительное
fabric of a dull brownish color.
a slovenly woman.
a prostitute.
We captured nine drab males and nine bright males from each site.
In a clear departure from the dull and drab appearance that Government publications are usually identified with, the newsletters sport a jaunty look.
To be fair, much of that is probably due to the general lack of interest in Howard's drab party.
Set in the middle-of-nowhere, the color schemes of drab browns and blues enhance the terror already in the air.
His hat matched his light brown, drab overcoat.
Part of this comes from the business, but part of it comes from creative use of drab colours.
She offered Billy a clear route of escape from his drab existence, even if was hard to understand how she could really be interested in him.
They are colored to blend in with their sandy environment: most are whitish or drab brown, and many have red-tinged or dark mottling along the back and head.
Outside of the breeding season, the male is drab brown with hints of yellow and white wing-bars.
The jester was wearing drab brown, had tied his curly black hair back neatly, and on the whole looked like an entirely different person.