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dozen / дюжина, масса
имя существительное
dozen, dicker
mass, array, weight, lot, bulk, dozen
имя существительное
a group or set of twelve.
a dozen bottles of sherry
an exchange of insults engaged in as a game or ritual among black Americans.
The two loudly play the dozens , insulting each other to the delight of neighbors.
There were around a dozen of us that turned up, from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of ages.
A dozen or so sat on their reflections on the smooth steel grey water of the loch.
For every published writer out there there are at least a dozen unpublished who could be.
More than a dozen children spent a couple of hours learning about stained glass making.
I was at home last night and this morning brought back to London a dozen or so of these carrier bags.
A nearby rock, the Haystack, has a colony of seals, of which you can see a dozen or so at low tide.
Eventually the claims were whittled down to around a dozen which had some credibility.
Only a dozen or so fish had been caught from the dozens and dozens of boats which included two fish for Bill.
Place the fish in a large saucepan with the milk and a dozen or so peppercorns.
The base of the trunk is pushed just four feet into the ground and secured with a dozen or more wooden wedges.