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doze / дремать
doze, nap, slumber, drowse, nod
имя существительное
nap, slumber, drowsiness, dormancy, doze, somnolence
flabbiness, doze
имя существительное
a short light sleep.
I was in the middle of a light doze (for some reason, deeper sleep was escaping me) when I hear a scraping noise.
sleep lightly.
he found his mother dozing by the fire
Two hours later she woke from a light doze , alerted by the sound of footsteps outside the small, square, white-walled room.
Jerking up from a light doze for the fifth time in about twenty minutes, he rummaged around inside a nearby desk for something to keep him awake.
And even then, it was more of a doze than a sleep, so I woke up when I heard the front door shut at 5: 30.
Miles away, in the depths of space, Orion jerked out of a light doze , one hand slamming against the side of his space capsule.
After scanning their surroundings one last time, Jim allowed himself to drift into a light doze .
He pondered over these questions again and again, not finding the answers before he fell into a light doze sitting upright.
He slowly closed his eyes and drifted off into a light doze .
Chimes took her out of her short doze and she leaned out of the bath as she realized that it was time for her to go.
Jon sighed, and leaned back as a light doze overtook him.… Seven years ago, when Dïen was eleven, she started to ask for a psychiatrist.
The boy had fallen into a light doze , and the pressure certainly got him up.