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doyen / дуайен, старейшина корпорации
имя существительное
doyen, dean
старейшина корпорации
имя существительное
the most respected or prominent person in a particular field.
the doyen of Canadian poetry
The doyen of professional safari guides, he began his career in the bush as a teenage cadet ranger with Zimbabwe's National Parks Service.
Above all, his writings and his leadership made him the undoubted doyen of British railway historians.
For the doyen of older press historians, older newspapers were like boroughs: rotten.
At 59, he is the doyen of UK experts on healthcare law and ethics.
The respected man was ‘the doyen of football commentators’.
‘He created catches out of thin air, like some Indian magician,’ said the doyen among the commentators.
He is a doyen of Middle East specialists in the western press elite.
the doyen of Canadian poetry
Then a doyen of the field turned up with a costume, wand and scent.
He remains the doyen of popular historians and biographers and in his latest title he has lost none of his ability to bring the past vividly to life for the general reader.