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dowse / определять наличие подпочвенных вод при помощи ивового прута
practice dowsing.
water is easy to dowse for
Ms. Byron: your article on the woman who claims she can dowse , interests us greatly.
Do not worry, young Alouette, you may be lost now, however just take the pendant and dowse , it will show you the way.
This gentleman, a Sea Bee, claimed that he could dowse for gold!
I can tell you of Ph.D. physicists who believe that they can dowse , and who endorse dowsing rods and free-energy machines.
The experts in this dowsers' society say you can successfully dowse anything at all.
Since at the time I could not dowse with a pendulum, I had no way of confirming if I was successful.
Boomtowns sprang up through the United States, particularly in the West, as fast as entrepreneurial spirits could dowse a whiff of extractable resource hiding below the earth's surface.
Periodically, a player will get to dowse for water.
water is easy to dowse for
water is easy to dowse for