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downy / пушистый, пуховый, холмистый
имя прилагательное
fluffy, fuzzy, furry, downy, cottony, feathery
hilly, rolling, knobby, downy, up-and-down
имя прилагательное
covered with fine soft hair or feathers.
the baby's downy cheek
Falling back against the downy pillows, he rolled over to the phone and picked it up.
His feathers are downy and fluffy, juvenile like a fledgling bird.
I used to have soft, downy hair on my legs when I was 13, but my peer group persuaded me to shave it off.
Her blue eyes shone at him; her downy cheeks were pink; she smelled of some soft cologne that made him nostalgic, though he didn't know for what or whom.
Lanugo - a coat of delicate, downy hairs, especially those that cover a human infant.
The re-growth can be any texture and colour, from fine, downy , white hair to your natural look.
With that Nat suddenly produced from inside his jacket a little downy bird, who blinked and ruffled his feathers, looking very plump and sleepy and scared.
I sat, leaning against a mound of downy pillows and the high, intricately carved headboard of the massive bed on which I reposed.
Looking into her eyes and reaching up a bit nervously, I take my hand and rub the backs of my fingers through the soft downy fur of her cheek, avoiding her whiskers which might be sensitive, and the blood on her muzzle.
A long time later found Harp lying down in a downy bed with soft, white sheets.