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downwind / подветренный
имя прилагательное
lee, leeward, downwind
in the direction in which the wind is blowing.
warnings were issued to people living downwind of the fire
The winds were out of the south southeast, and I wanted to go downwind .
We even skip the 2:15 start time given our ability to stay put and not get blown downwind .
The clouds were streeting up as the wind was strong and we just had to go downwind to get to goal.
Dropping a float light to determine wind direction, we made one pass over the raft downwind .
Such as the 100,000 people who were directly downwind of Nevada's fallout.
With erosion on the windward slope and deposition in the lee, the dune body moves in a downwind direction.
As I finished each of the major rooms I took the vacuum out to empty straight into the trash and gave the dusters a jolly good shake downwind .
But we were on the weather side and the rocks and ashes had been blowing downwind and we weren't on that side of the volcano.
Using two tanks will give you a range of around 100 miles in nil wind or much more if you fly downwind .
The fumes wend their way downwind for a week or more, whichever direction the wind is heading.