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downward / вниз, книзу
down, under, downward, downwards, downstairs, underneath
downward, downwards
имя прилагательное
downward, downhill, ingravescent
descending, down, downward, descendant, descendent
имя прилагательное
moving or leading toward a lower place or level.
the downward curve of the stairs
toward a lower place, point, or level.
he was lying face downward
Our expectations had been managed downward for more than a year.
They plunged downward towards a huddle of shanties on the edge of a huge city.
All the so-called triumphs of efficient production are simply attempts to slow down the pace of the downward curve.
The talonid basin lacks rugosity and slopes gently downward towards the ectolophid.
They seem to envisage an irreversible downward spiral leading to the depopulation of Australia.
They are changes that must happen when oil supplies start their inevitable downward slide.
Clasping his hands together, he took a deep breath to lengthen his spine and looked gently downward toward the plush, carpeted floor.
This has proven to be a vicious downward spiral leading to the destruction of all past gains won in decades of struggle.
It was his intention to continue this downward trend in the future.
Steve's eyes slant slightly downward , a sign of kindness.