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downtrend / тенденция к понижению
имя существительное
тенденция к понижению
имя существительное
a downward trend, tendency, or movement.
there is not yet a confirmed downtrend in interest rates
The NSI business surveys show a downtrend in retail traders' expectations regarding sales.
Bears that exit with a profit cause a flat open interest in a downtrend, meaning that the best gains from the downtrend have probably already been had.
At least part of it should be used to repay borrowings, as I think the long-term downtrend in interest rates is over.
The downtrend in the annual rate of inflation, which began in the middle of 1998-99 continued in 1999-2000.
The US economy is still on a strong downtrend with no signs of stabilisation yet on the horizon.
The fortunes of the traditional coir yarn spinners, mat weavers and carpet-makers have been on the downtrend .
there is not yet a confirmed downtrend in interest rates
Analysts said the downtrend in negative equity is part of an overall improvement in the asset quality of banks and a restructuring of loans.
This massive monetary expansion has been accompanied by a steep downtrend in the federal funds rate.
It makes you wonder, sometimes, who is buying an issue today or over the last several weeks when this chart clearly shows a confirmed downtrend and no real turnaround in sight.