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downtown / в деловой части города, в деловом центре
в деловой части города
в деловом центре
имя существительное
деловая часть города
in or into a downtown area.
I drove downtown
имя существительное
the downtown area of a town or city.
the heart of Pittsburgh's downtown
имя прилагательное
of, in, or characteristic of the central area or main business and commercial area of a town or city.
downtown Chicago
A free bus is also available to get Koori youth and their parents downtown .
A few days later I was walking along the main drag in downtown Boulder and saw her a few feet away from me.
The college outgrew its quarters downtown and the Brothers acquired property in the Bronx.
Among them are a regular foot patrol in the city's downtown business area.
My own computer is in my offices downtown , and I have been unable to access my account.
This process is characterized by an influx of private capital into distressed sections of downtown city areas.
I suppose businesses themselves downtown San Diego are pretty much up and running.
There are still those who can't get into their apartments downtown .
It looks as though the services will make it downtown this year, though, a nice change.
From the main fire station in downtown Tampa, officials in a meeting heard the fire a mile away.