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downswing / спад, упадок
имя существительное
recession, decline, downturn, decrease, fall, downswing
decline, decay, decadence, fall, collapse, downswing
имя существительное
the downward movement of a club when the player is about to hit the ball.
The right shoulder moves out and over on the downswing , causing the club to come into the ball on an outside-in swing path.
With a more upright back-swing, all Shane has to do on the downswing is let the club and his body swing to a full finish.
There is strong evidence that the downswing that drove stock markets to multi-year lows earlier this year have come to an end.
Do you think religion is on the upswing or downswing in the United States as a whole?
‘His problem last year was that his downswing was too much from out-to-in, which caused him to hit too many shots off the toe,’ he confirms.
And the souring of relations between the party and these two proved major milestones in the downswing of the PD fortunes.
If your grips get damp over the course of a round, you could lose control of the club on the downswing , even if you're wearing a fresh glove.
your body must not sway to the left during the downswing
The punk turned god-father-in-his-own-right has witnessed a parallel downswing in the last decade, wallowing in uninspired classic rock.
For starters, the hip hop scene at UW is on the downswing , which surprises me.
I am also worried that my own, internal, cycle will continue and that this momentary upswing will be followed by yet another downswing as has been the case before.