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downstream / вниз по течению
вниз по течению
имя существительное
нижний бьеф
низовая сторона плотины
имя прилагательное
downstream, local
находящийся ниже по течению
situated or moving in the direction in which a stream or river flows.
the bridge spanned the river just downstream of the rail line
With the rapid currents of the river that flowed downstream , people could place their supplies into many empty barrels and send them to the main camp site a few miles down.
The temperature of the air stream was measured just downstream of the dew point hygrometer using a thermocouple.
After widespread protests it also withdrew its decision to remove the petroleum subsidy and deregulate the downstream petroleum sectors.
Import and export statistics show that the export ratio of the nation's mid- and downstream petrochemical products is gradually rising.
After a few metres, you will find yourself in the stream a few metres downstream of the crawl up through the slot mentioned above.
The genes that encode these proteins are located immediately downstream of the cos region at the left end of the mature chromosome.
Therein lies the problem for integrated oil companies like Shell whose operation embraces both upstream and downstream businesses.
Upstream services include the exploration and production of oil and gas while downstream includes the trading and refining of the products.
At about the same time abnormal fish were noticed in rivers in southern England downstream of sewage works.
When evenings are fair some good fishing is available at Holycross and Ballycamus on the River Suir, downstream of Thurles.