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downstairs / вниз, внизу, вниз по лестнице
down, under, downward, downwards, downstairs, underneath
down, below, under, downstairs, beneath, underneath
вниз по лестнице
имя существительное
нижний этаж
ground floor, downstairs
нижняя часть здания
имя прилагательное
расположенный в нижнем этаже
down a flight of stairs.
I tripped over the cat and fell downstairs
имя прилагательное
situated downstairs.
the downstairs bathroom
имя существительное
the ground floor or lower floors of a building.
the downstairs was hardly damaged at all
The low-maintenance Australian cypress flooring is carried throughout the downstairs of the house.
We had to go downstairs and round little corridors and then up some other stairs.
These are particularly associated with falls downstairs , which are the commonest cause of babywalker related injury.
For years he lived with his brothers and sisters in one big room in the downstairs of the house, where they had only a small stove.
He snatched sleeping Sam from his bed as dense fumes filled the downstairs of his home in Swinton.
The men can't go downstairs at a manly pace, because the women have to step carefully in those heels.
I got to have a nosy around her bathroom and to admire her sanded floors downstairs .
The downstairs was for business and was simple in its interior, while the upstairs was used for entertaining and was far more flamboyant.
I suspected that one reason the house had been on the market for so long was because nobody could imagine what to do with the downstairs .
Whether it's your home office, a bathroom window or a downstairs bedroom, the issue of privacy is one that concerns us all.