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downstage / на авансцене, на авансцену
на авансцене
на авансцену
имя прилагательное
относящийся к авансцене
friendly, amicable, neighborly, companionate, sociable, downstage
имя прилагательное
at or toward the front of a stage.
all four run for their lives downstage
The major characters interact further downstage , perhaps even on the small forestage, with the party serving as a background to them.
A blue scrim downstage tears open dramatically as the first piece begins, and stark black beams divide the stage like some urban forest.
Candles are ritually placed on a downstage log.
Fine when you were jumping downstage , but not so good when jumping upstage!
The downstage scene is depicted as a common ground where the actors interact and live out there lives outside of the privacy of their own homes.
I balled up my clothes, dropped them in the corner, and walked downstage .
A downstage screen, dropped at intervals during the evening, is almost an extra performer, a ‘choral’ auxiliary, helping to glue the parts together.
Let the lead performers stay downstage facing the audience, tell the chorus to stand still, don't try anything clever and just get on with the singing.
Whenever the action moved downstage , close to the audience, the production sang.
But what one remembers is the the mournful downstage revelry, while upstage a fleshy, ageing chanteuse is mimetically seduced by the MC.