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downsize / уменьшить массу
shorten, lessen
make (something) smaller.
I downsized the rear wheel to 26 inches
recession forced many companies to downsize
We might have to trim and downsize our ministry.
Also unlike a hybrid, this system would bring back the bank of batteries used in EVs, but greatly downsize it to reduce cost and weight and increase usable packaging space.
Libraries, too, have experienced fiscal challenges that have forced them to downsize and restructure their organizations.
However, the sales and marketing director was unequivocal in saying that there were no plans to downsize the Wiltshire operation.
It is also necessary to downsize the Central and State Governments.
recession forced many companies to downsize
When Standard Chartered Nakathorn Bank wanted to downsize its 68-branch Bangkok network last year, it looked to the sky for clues about which offices to shutter.
The three counties regiment is one of those under threat as a result of continuing defence cuts and plans to downsize the Army.
The high level of automation of missile preparation and launches helped rationalize alert duty missions and downsize alert crews.