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downshift / включать пониженную передачу
включать пониженную передачу
имя существительное
a change to a lower gear in a motor vehicle or bicycle.
Like the V8 it mates to a five-speed automatic with adaptive shift control and a manual mode that matches engine revs on downshifts .
change to a lower gear in a motor vehicle or bicycle.
In automatic mode it will sense via accelerometers when to retain a low gear and when to downshift .
I let go of the pedal, and slowly began to downshift and tap the brake.
After downshift to 20°, 100% of the nuclei underwent mitotic division and then arrested with aberrantly shaped nuclei.
Going downhill the Ford took a little more pressure on the brake pedal to downshift than did the Chevy with the Allison Automatic transmission.
Everyone has to add value, to move, to upsize or downshift .
You're going to brake for Turn 10 just as the pavement changes (from asphalt to concrete at the start of the corner) and then downshift to second gear from fourth.
A slowdown in technology spending following the Internet bubble-burst in 2000 contributed greatly to the downshift in the economy, which in turn led to a significant decrease in business travel.
In this mode, the vehicle senses when increased engine braking is required and automatically schedules a downshift .
Temperature downshift from 30° to 15° before death permitted nearly all of them to develop to fertile adults.
But a parts failure in the opening round caused his car to abruptly downshift from 2nd gear, giving way to Steve to score.
With only ten days left in office, the Archbishop of York, Dr David Hope, is preparing to downshift on January 15, moving to Ilkley to become parish priest there.