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downpour / ливень
имя существительное
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, torrent
имя существительное
a heavy rainfall.
a sudden downpour had filled the gutters and drains
Every time there is a heavy downpour the garden fills up with raw sewage and floodwater because of inadequate drains up the road.
Canyons fill up very quickly after a heavy downpour , although flash floods are not that common.
a sudden downpour had filled the gutters and drains
a sudden downpour had filled the gutters and drains
On past experience this heatwave will end with a torrential downpour or a major thunderstorm, or both.
The western regions of the vast central African nation have been deluged by heavy downpours as the rainy season gets into full swing.
One of the major reasons for the, often, very heavy showers and downpours that characterise April is the position of the jet stream.
Unless they are speedily replaced, the road is liable to be interrupted in the first heavy downpours of the rainy season.
Such activity frequently leads to heavy downpours and incidence of hail.
Even in thunderstorms and downpours the game continued, sometimes with just a brief break to allow the rain water to drain away.