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downplay / преуменьшать, принижать
belittle, minimize, downplay, understate, play down, lessen
belittle, downplay, detract, debase, cry down, efface
make (something) appear less important than it really is.
this report downplays the seriousness of global warming
Even in the scene where he appears majestic, Ellison uses the comic to downplay his regality.
It was extremely important, the lawyer had said, for her to downplay her looks as much as possible.
The Times has been criticized for downplaying the strike by its own ombudsmen, as well as by actors and activists.
The Report repeatedly downplays the effects of violence on men.
He criticised him for downplaying the importance of public opinion about wanting to see universal suffrage in 2007.
I do not think we have ever, at any stage, downplayed the risk to children, but it is important that we do not overplay the risk to children.
The committee report downplays the importance of this episode.
In doing so he has challenged the role of landscape photography while furthering it, but at the price of downplaying the individual picture.
He downplays this problem, but I think a close look at the evidence reveals that he is stretching.
The sound engineers go way overboard layering the electronica over the instruments, downplaying the women's talents.