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downhill / спуск, скоростной спуск, склон
имя существительное
descent, down, downhill, escapement, launching, discharge
скоростной спуск
slope, hill, side, flank, descent, downhill
down, under, downward, downwards, downstairs, downhill
под гору
под уклон
downhill, downgrade, slantwise
имя прилагательное
inclined, oblique, sloping, slanted, sloped, downhill
sloping, slope, downhill, declivous, prone
outgoing, downhill
имя прилагательное
leading down toward the bottom of a slope.
the route is downhill for part of the way
имя существительное
a downward slope.
I muscled my way up inclines and picked up speed on the rocky downhills .
a downhill race.
After his victory in the season-opening giant slalom, Miller won two downhills and finished second in two super-G races.
toward the bottom of a slope.
he ran downhill
Now, consider that - on a good day with a downhill slope and the blessing of some higher power - the Rickshaw can hit 30 mph.
Stockholm to Copenhagen, with lunch at Vadstena Castle, was the downhill slope of the rally.
Also, when I am going downhill the car will pick up revs, but on uphill gradients loses almost all power.
And over the holidays, I went downhill skiing for the very first time in my life.
Once the pride of India and a great showpiece to the world, Indian Railways has steadily gone downhill .
There are subtle inclines and subtler downhill slopes.
Anyone with half an inkling knows that water traditionally runs downhill , after all Newton and his love of apples determined that fact.
Others have already pointed out that the film goes downhill the closer you get to the ending.
Vail Cascade boasts 4,000 acres of incredible downhill skiing and snowboarding right outside your door.
We hadn't given the most dignified demonstration of downhill ski technique.