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downhearted / унылый, упавший духом
имя прилагательное
sad, dull, bleak, dismal, despondent, downhearted
упавший духом
crestfallen, droopy, downhearted
имя прилагательное
discouraged; in low spirits.
fans must not be downhearted even though we lost
I've never seen a group as downhearted as we have been in the last few years.
She didn't think it was a good idea to leave her daughter home alone when she was so downhearted and depressed.
But instead of being downhearted , he set out to save the world.
But you can't get too downhearted about something like this.
Nothing to be downhearted about then, just lots of work to do to get the team in good order for the visit to Halifax's Old Crossleyans a week this Saturday.
However, the Irishman was far from downhearted as he looked to a refreshing break and he claimed the destination of the championship was still in Celtic's hands.
I have to admit I was very downhearted at the time as I didn't think I had been given the opportunities.
The common view is that it was the track which proved his undoing and fans are not at all downhearted by that defeat.
After a few days of unproductive searching, they returned to Shalisa Creek Bay, downhearted and discouraged.
Just what's needed when everybody is feeling morose and downhearted about the economic situation.