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downgrade / понижать, представлять в невыгодном свете, развенчивать
drop, lower, downgrade, reduce, degrade, pull down
представлять в невыгодном свете
debunk, dethrone, uncrown, downgrade, discrown
имя существительное
decline, decay, decadence, fall, collapse, downgrade
skew, slope, bias, deviation, gradient, downgrade
deterioration, degradation, impairment, aggravation, decline, downgrade
down, under, downward, downwards, downstairs, downgrade
под уклон
downhill, downgrade, slantwise
имя прилагательное
идущий под уклон
reduce to a lower grade, rank, or level of importance.
some jobs had gradually been downgraded from skilled to semiskilled
имя существительное
an instance of reducing someone or something's rank, status, or level of importance.
A later rating by rival Moody's Investors Service kept Ford's debt rating at investment-grade status, the S&P downgrades shocked the corporate bond market.
a downward gradient, typically on a railroad track or road.
This was the original Montreal-Toronto mainline (legally the Ontario & Quebec Railway) and a roller coaster of upgrades and downgrades .
Soon after they resumed, the road crested a hill and began switching back and forth sharply, for the downgrade was very steep.
This recovery was due more to sharp operation on the long downgrade to Hinton than any display of power on the T1's part.
a steep downgrade for which he had to put the car in second
Investors took that as a hint that a downgrade to junk status may be in the offing.
The latest figures issued on Friday on the economy's performance may appear to be a fractional downgrade of no great importance.
Despite the downgrade to a club level sport, Cross believes Macalester's skiers will still be able to compete in intercollegiate competition.
More importantly, the blanket downgrade of Fitch implies an extraordinary delinquency in respect of its regulatory oversight functions.
In wake of the liquidity and cash flow problems, rating agencies are closely monitoring the institution for a possible downgrade .
Some analysts have speculated that GM could face a downgrade of its credit rating to junk status.
Complicating matters was the fact the yard was on a downgrade and cars had to be ridden and hand-braked to prevent them from running out over Strachan Avenue and into the dump.