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downer / депрессант, неудачник, зануда
имя существительное
depressant, downer
Jonah, loser, failure, lame duck, underdog, downer
downer, drag, sickener, wet blanket, prune, perisher
имя существительное
a depressant or tranquilizing drug, especially a barbiturate.
So-called benzos - benzodiazepines include prescription downers such as Valium and Xanax - are commonly mixed with methadone.
a dispiriting or depressing experience or factor.
the thought of the danger his son was in put something of a downer on the situation
a cow or other animal that is sick or injured and cannot get to its feet unaided.
Two weeks later, USDA claims the animal was a downer despite an already clear line of established evidence to the contrary.
All sports are cyclical and when you are on a downer , it only makes it all the better and more exciting when you are back up there again.
The US Senate last month approved language that would ban downer animals from being used in the human food supply, but the measure was dropped from a final bill because of House opposition.
The packers simply wanted to make more money despite the threat downer cows present to public health, he noted.
the thought of the danger his son was in put something of a downer on the situation
It's put a bit of a downer on Christmas - we don't know if we'll have a job when we go back.
The purchase of downer cattle for Arby's beef supply is strictly prohibited by the Arby's system.
The confusion may explain the discrepancy between the USDA's description of the Holstein as a downer cow and Ellestad's recollection that the animal was ambulatory.
the Red Sox enter the season on a downer
The only downer of the day was experiencing my first Go Gel, which I gulped down after four and a half miles.
People seem to think that players are on a downer because they might not be allowed to go up, but they just don't think like that.