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downbeat / мрачный, пессимистический
имя прилагательное
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, downbeat
pessimistic, downbeat
имя существительное
движение руки дирижера вниз
имя прилагательное
pessimistic; gloomy.
the assessment of current economic prospects is downbeat
имя существительное
an accented beat, usually the first of the bar.
The song has three stanzas of six lines, carrying four stresses downbeats separated by upbeats.
His writing on the last campaign trail was increasingly dejected but never downbeat .
In addition, the film's relentlessly downbeat tone creates a dark emotional backdrop.
Especially in the first half, they tend too much towards the downbeat , melancholy and densely produced to the point of murkiness.
What gave rise to this downbeat view of human agency, this ‘fatalistic epistemology’ that recasts people as victims?
The performance matched a downbeat start to the week for the Dow Jones in the US and reflected cheaper telecom, media and oil stocks in London.
But he took his defeat on the chin and refused to be too downbeat about his performance in his first major final since winning the 2003 Regal Scottish Open.
This survey of the EU's institutions, like the new institutionalist literature itself, might seem to paint a generally sombre, downbeat , pessimistic picture of modern political life.
If you're a glum dour downbeat killjoy who has nothing to peddle but reheated miserabilism, you will come across as a bitter fool, and no one will be persuaded.
For this reason, people often view him as pessimistic and downbeat .
The chairman of JJB Sports was in downbeat mood at the firm's AGM with a glum combination of reduced turnover, lower profit margins and higher operating costs.