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dower / приданое, вдовья часть наследства, природный дар
имя существительное
dowry, trousseau, dower, portion, dot, trousseaux
вдовья часть наследства
dower, jointure
природный дар
dower, dowry
наделять талантом
оставлять наследство
давать приданое
portion, dower
имя существительное
a widow's share for life of her husband's estate.
But I do not agree that the guardian of these minors may purchase, in his own name and for his personal benefit, the dower interest of the widow in the lands to which his wards hold the fee.
give a dowry to.
The barber charged me enough to dower two of his daughters.
Lear, childlike in his petulance, denies Cordelia her dower .
Secondly, the husband shall not be responsible to give the dower if the wife is divorced such that the husband has not touched her or her dower had not been fixed.
In no way a husband has been authorized to take back the dower money from his wife in case he divorces her.
The wife's dower entitled her to one third of the husband's property on his death; curtesy, a similar right of the husband in the wife's property, accrued only if children had been born of the marriage.
Muslim women need to be educated about their right to dower , which is a unique characteristics of Muslim society.
The barber charged me enough to dower two of his daughters.
If either the husband or wife apostasizes, a divorce takes place ipso facto; the wife is entitled to her whole dower but no pronouncement of divorce is necessary.
But, as my father eagerly points out, he has a large estate for sons and plenty of money to dower daughters with.
Widows were also entitled to a dower right to a third of their husband's land or income derived from the land.
a dower house