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dowager / вдова, величественная престарелая дама
имя существительное
widow, dowager, relict
величественная престарелая дама
имя существительное
a widow with a title or property derived from her late husband.
the dowager duchess
This is a friend from Scotland, the dowager Countess of Kirkwell.
the dowager duchess
It was just one of the highly-prized pins doled out that night to travellers who - against the welter of new, sleek cruisers - remain loyal to Cunard's unpretentious ship: more a dowager duchess than a sea sprite.
The dowager countess will be there and you can bet no one will rest until everything is perfect.
She whispered in the dowager 's ear and went off to find the ladies withdrawing room.
At the party this dowager duchess looked at me and whispered loudly, ‘It's disgusting!
With creative designs incorporated during her many refits, this gracious dowager duchess - now at the ripe old age of 31-is in her prime as she sails into the next millennium, vast, confident and wonderfully stately.
An even more striking case was that of the dowager Countess of Oxford, a devoted Ricardian who orchestrated opposition to Henry IV in Essex in 1403-4.
Lady Gwyneth grinned, looking for all the world like an excited child unleashed without adult supervision in a toy shop, instead of a dignified dowager of the ton with three grown-up grandchildren.
a handsome dowager was standing in front of the mirror