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dovetail / ласточкин хвост, шип, лапа
имя существительное
ласточкин хвост
spike, thorn, tenon, spine, tongue, dovetail
paw, foot, claw, pad, grip, dovetail
coordinate, dovetail
вязать в лапу
match, urge, hurry, rush, prod, dovetail
имя существительное
a joint formed by one or more tapered projections (tenons) on one piece that interlock with corresponding notches or recesses (mortises) in another.
The joints would all be familiar to a carpenter - mortise and tenons, dovetails and wedges - but this was the traditional way in which iron structures were joined at the time.
join together by means of a dovetail.
He explained his enthusiasm for bees, from a small child of eight years old and his stories of his family especially of his father, who made bee hives which were dovetailed and not nailed together.
flights that dovetail with the working day
If the proposal was approved, he said construction would take 3-4 months and would be completed to dovetail with the expansion of Lismore Square.
I purposely undersized my dovetail tenons slightly, to make the raising go well.
Many public and private institutions that offer defined-benefit pension plans to their employees have designed their programs to dovetail with Social Security benefits under prior legislation.
plan to enable parents to dovetail their career and family commitments
plan to enable parents to dovetail their career and family commitments
On the Remington, a dovetail was cut forward of the cylinder on the frame.
But, in this case, it is plausible to argue that the Wapping papers have illustrated a healthy journalistic scepticism that just happens to dovetail with their owner's beliefs.
The barrel is heavily tapered to further reduce weight and is fitted with a dovetail front sight set in an integral base.
They also dovetail with data on continuities among elites across the revolutionary and post-revolutionary eras.