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dovecote / голубятня
имя существительное
dovecote, dovecot, loft, columbarium, pigeonry
имя существительное
a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.
Town clerk Graham Gittins said Chester City Council had halved the city's pigeon flock by introducing dovecotes in strategic areas and attracting birds to roost in them by providing food.
Some nominations are illustrated here, and other examples range from a dovecote complete with nesting boxes in an old barn at Askham Richard, a community hall at Nether Poppleton and the butchers' shop at Bishopthorpe.
As finance minister under hiss leadership he had the ‘modernising government’ brief as well, and began to ruffle many feathers in the bureaucratic dovecote .
He has just spent the evening opening up the three of the six holes in their dovecote that were previously blanked off to make more room.
The council is also launching a leaflet campaign to aimed at people who feed the birds on a regular basis, asking them to feed the pigeons at the dovecote .
So theft could not apply to pigeons that are flying in the air, but it may apply to pigeons in a dovecote .
One remedy being considered is the provision of a dovecote where controlled feeding could take place.
We sat on the village bench, pulled on our boots, speculated on how many of the pretty sandstone houses were holiday cottages and eventually realised that the immobile pigeon in a dovecote was not alive, but not dead either.
By the barn pond, a Scandinavian-looking dovecote stands starkly above the water, complete with two carved wooden doves.
They live with his parrots and pigeons in a dovecote .
The new doves were allowed to fly for the first time today (they have to be kept in an aviary over their dovecote for the first few weeks to develop/re-set their sense of ‘home’).