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douse / тушить, гасить, облить
stew, extinguish, put out, braise, quench, douse
extinguish, put out, quench, douse, out, blow out
douse, douche, sluice
имя существительное
сильный глухой удар
pour a liquid over; drench.
he doused the car with gasoline and set it on fire
After thoroughly covering your entire body, turn on the warm water and liberally douse a loofah with a liquid soap.
Before major events in the city, he has spent thousands of dollars to douse clouds with dry ice and liquid nitrogen.
The teen reacted instinctively and without regard for his own safety climbed through the flat's lounge window to help the woman douse the fire which had started in a bin in her lounge.
nothing could douse her sudden euphoria
I gratefully grab a cup from a girl in a yellow bib, take a couple of sips and pour the cold water over my head, feeling it douse my hair, run down my face and trickle onto my chest.
Since there is no access to large volumes of water, fires in Central Australia are generally fought with machinery like graders and bulldozers and small containers of water to douse spot fires which jump breaks.
This worked about as well as the little baggie of muesli, whose contents one was expected to douse in a milk-like liquid.
Some shielded their eyes from the intense lights as others began to douse the ship's sails, accepting the fact that their voyage had come to an early end.
nothing could douse her sudden euphoria
Luckily fire crews managed to douse the flames and neither of the women were injured.