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doubtless / несомненно, вероятно
undoubtedly, certainly, doubtless, beyond doubt, no doubt, surely
likely, probably, apparently, most likely, very likely, doubtless
имя прилагательное
undoubted, unmistakable, unquestionable, doubtless, undeniable, indubitable
used to indicate the speaker's belief that a statement is certain to be true given what is known about the situation.
the company would doubtless find the reduced competition to their liking
Lawyers acting for the actual Taj Mahal, in Delhi, are doubtless contemplating an action for defamation.
The Met is doubtless reorganizing and retooling to deal with those budget shortfalls.
It's an expression of excitement which his predecessors doubtless shared, but rarely expressed quite so fully.
So the two million of you who bought the last Scenic will doubtless be feeling very embarrassed indeed as this point.
At 37, he is in the twilight of his senior career, but will doubtless know enough to hold his corner tomorrow.
The success of the first single from the album Crazy Love will doubtless be followed by more top ten hits from the pioneering west Londoner.
They will obviously use most of it to clear their debts but he will doubtless be seeking some to strengthen his squad.
The first of what will doubtless be many must-reads at the Corner are here and here.
The future comes wrapped with many possibilities, and she will doubtless go on to be many things to many people.
The keyboard is too far away, because of making room for the mousepad and, doubtless , a great deal of inscrutable hardware.