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doublespeak / двусмысленных
имя существительное
deliberately euphemistic, ambiguous, or obscure language.
the art of political doublespeak
the art of political doublespeak
The electorate is not susceptible to such doublespeak .
We need candidates armed with insight, not condescending doublespeak .
The timing could be a mere coincidence; it could also be plain doublespeak .
His oratory and intellectual robustness a breath of fresh air from the political doublespeak that obscures the core issues of the conflict.
The doublespeak is evident in that it's all coined in words of freedom.
That guy has doublespeak down to an art form, like really good poetry.
Unless the risk is defined it is political doublespeak .
He seems to prefer candor to contention, honest talk to doublespeak .
What a heartening response without any of the standard political doublespeak .