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double-sided / двухсторонний
имя прилагательное
duplex, double-sided
имя прилагательное
using or able to be used on both sides.
double-sided adhesive tape
There is still a wrong and right side to double-sided fleece.
Using double-sided tape, gently attach pressed leaves to the paper.
At least, not without the aid of some double-sided sticky tape.
The film itself appears on the ‘Alpha’ side of this double-sided disc.
Use double-sided basting tape to reposition the pockets wrong-side-up on the jeans.
It will be producing 100,000 of the new poppies, which can be stuck on using a form of double-sided sticky tape, for this year's remembrance day.
I figure another application of double-sided tape will work out just fine.
You have to pull it away firmly and slowly, because the factory secured it to the door with double-sided foam tape.
This is solved by sticking the strawberries to my skin with double-sided sticky tape, which was painful to remove, but the strawberries were delicious.
The box can be attached to the side of the microscope with double-sided foam tape.