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double-decker / двухпалубное судно, двухэтажный автобус, двухэтажный трамвай
имя существительное
двухпалубное судно
double-decker, two-decker
двухэтажный автобус
double-decker, two-decker
двухэтажный трамвай
имя существительное
something, especially a bus, that has two floors or levels.
a double-decker bus
The double-decker coach from Bendigo made exciting viewing, tilting, lurching and leaning.
a double-decker bus
Later today a double-decker bus will leave Gigg Lane for Old Trafford.
There, they don't battle the double-decker buses in traffic, like their counterparts in the city.
An East European student has been polishing up his English while helping to restore a vintage double-decker bus.
But when the proposed cost of such a thing worked out at 9 billion, they decided to build a double-decker bus instead.
The boot has a double-decker floor whose upper level aligns with the rear seats when they are folded.
The row of guards ended at the van, which was really a double-decker bus.
double-decker sandwiches
a double-decker bus