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double-dealing / лицемерие, двуличность, двурушничество
имя существительное
hypocrisy, dissimulation, cant, insincerity, puppetry, double-dealing
duplicity, deceitfulness, double-dealing
имя прилагательное
hypocritical, disingenuous, canting, sanctimonious, hypocrite, double-dealing
duplicitous, ambidextrous, double, ambidexterous, ambidexter, double-dealing
имя прилагательное
working deceitfully to injure others.
she is a backstabbing, double-dealing twister
имя существительное
the practice of working to people's disadvantage behind their backs.
His prior record of deception, double-dealing , and concealment makes that quite impossible.
Part of the problem with Out of Time is that most audiences will be way ahead of the double-dealing plot.
In Seven Samurai, Fujiwara was memorable as Manzo, the double-dealing farmer who forces his daughter to disguise herself as a boy so none of the hired warriors runs away with her.
He was as devoted to secrecy as he was to power, and by intrigue and double-dealing he maintained an aura of aloofness.
He would ultimately be released from the state institution where he was confined for four years, in a legal case that has all the drama and double-dealing of revenge tragedy.
But how many of us realize that the patriotic ‘gunboat’ musicals popular at the turn of the century regularly put wily, double-dealing villains before the public?
But ‘progressives’ are not alone in their mendacity and double-dealing .
But can a misshapen, double-dealing , prince-murdering, widow-wooing king ever be more than a mere shadow of evil - compared to an aspiring musical theatre lead?
The best novels always say something other than what they appear to say; they speak most eloquently from the side of the mouth; they are cunning, double-dealing , and lavishly deceptive.
He accuses the double-dealing Guildenstern of manipulating him as a musician does his instrument.
Sam, who has bought the General Store, is immediately faced with the prospect of paying protection money to the town baddie, the double-dealing varmint who sold him the store in the first place.